The power of personalisation

We’re living in the age of data,
so we might as well make the most of it.

Marketers have never been more equipped to get personal with their subscribers via email, cutting through the noise with something a little more one-on-one.

82% of those that are already leveraging this data witnessed an increase in their email open rates. With a figure that high, it’s worth the extra effort. So, here are a few ways you can hit that email personalisation sweet spot between stranger and stalker.

The basics

Even the simple use of a first name can help foster a more engaged subscriber relationship. But don’t forget about the other end of your email too, a personalised sign off makes your recipients feel that they’re hearing from a human, not a robot.

Then there’s gender, location or even job title depending on the situation. Location-based personalisation is particularly effective for delivery. With an audience scattered across time zones, you can use location data to make sure your message is delivered at just the right time, no matter where they are.

UNIQLO have taken it one step further by incorporating everyone’s go-to small-talk topic, the weather. But they haven’t stopped there. They’ve taken the data and related it to the product offering – chef’s kiss.

Buying habits

With the bare necessities out of the way, it’s swiftly onto making use of dynamic content.

This could be presenting specific content to female or male subscribers, or a personalised suggestion based on previous purchases. Say a subscriber has purchased a tent, then your bug repellent could be just up their street (or field).

Goodreads is great at implementing this tactic. Whenever a customer finishes a novel, they’re sent an email with recommendations based on their favourite genres and updates from the authors they follow.

Behavioural triggers

Batch emails are a thing of the past. These customer-centric emails are real-time reactions to how customers are engaging with you as a brand, or not engaging. Recipients may have left something in their basket, had a good browse around your site, or haven’t paid a visit for a while. And by making use of those tasty cookies to gather browsing data, you’ll be all set to reengage with singular emails to individual consumers.

They may not sound particularly creative or exciting, but behavioural triggers have a 152% higher open rate compared with traditional emails.
With the right data, you can become a personal shopper, a curator of future purchases. Jack Wills do just that in this example with a reminder of the customer’s basket and some alternatives that would look great on them too.


“It’s only January” we hear you shout, but hear us out.

The yearly wrap up email is becoming more and more popular. It’s a nice touch to round off the year and makes sure you don’t let any data go to waste. And the earlier you get started, the better. 

The brand, product or service will dictate whether this personalisation tactic can come into play. Most people won’t want a reminder of how much they’ve spent on ASOS over the year.

You can’t talk about recaps without mentioning Spotify. We know what you’re thinking, “I can’t go into that level of detail”, and you’re probably right. Very few brands can go into the detail of this data giant, but it’s also the way they use the data that makes them stand out.

They pick bitesize nuggets and pair them with engaging visuals – a recipe for success. And they’ll always end the email by providing new ways to interact like custom quizzes and new playlists, as well as ‘the ones that got away’ to help you continue discovering new artists on the platform.

Birthday emails

Everyone loves a little VIP treatment, especially if it comes with a discount.

Armed with a date of birth, you can send your subscribers a range of goodies such as a free gift, personal discount code, mystery saving, or free shipping.

Most brands make the most of the occasion by sending an offer at the start of the birth month, giving plenty of time to take action.
Nike have got the message just right with snappy copy, celebratory on-brand imagery and tons of time to enjoy a generous discount.

Let’s get personal

The modern consumer already knows that you have their data, they just want to see you use it wisely and treat them like an individual. So, try out some personalisation, and make it work for you and your unique offering. With a little extra effort and planning, the open rates, click-throughs and conversions will follow.

Speaking of personal, if want some one-on-one email advice, get in touch.
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