Don’t sleep on TikTok


If your first thought was Kesha’s 2009 pop classic, you’re probably too old, right?


The social media platform is no longer a Gen Z only zone with 25-35 year olds joining in their droves. It has exploded in popularity over lockdown, and even though it has been around since 2018, remains a seriously underrated marketing platform.

Why should brands start taking more notice of tiktok?

It offers major engagement
Users tend to stick around, spending an average of 52 minutes per day.

It’s easier to reach new people
Unlike other social platforms, users spend their time on the ‘for you’ page rather than their ‘following’ page. This means that there’s much greater chance to reach them by taking advantage of hashtags, trends and sounds.

It’s budget-friendly
TikTok is basically Instagram for the mobile-video age. But it doesn’t have to put a strain on your marketing budget because success is much more about the content than the look. The platform rewards good content, whether it’s created by big names or first-time users – every video has the same opportunity to get discovered and go viral.

Who has mastered the platform already?

Brands of all shapes and sizes are twigging on to the platforms capacity to reach new audiences through its many marketing avenues. There’s community reach through branded hashtag challenges, organic strategies managed by their very own in-house teams, through-the-line campaigns or plain old viral content.


Sponsored challenges are growing in popularity, and makeup brands are perfectly placed on the platform to take advantage.|

NYX Cosmetics have had a number of highly successful campaigns already, including their #DollHouseChallenge. This Halloween makeup challenge was created to advertise their new Matte Setting Spray and Haunted Dollhouse Halloween collection throughout October.

Some of the moment’s biggest beauty content creators jumped onto the trend, allowing the makeup brand to get directly in front of these individuals’ established audiences.


i see things that nobody else sees, ft @nyxcosmetics_uk Matte Setting Spray #DOLLHOUSECHALLENGE #ad

♬ Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez


Converse was the first fashion brand to make use of TikTok’s HTC+, a premium iteration of the hashtag challenge that allows brands to show off their products too.
Their activity centred around the Creative All Star Series, Converse’s new ongoing programme that shines a light on local creatives. Their #ConverseAllStar challenge asked the community to design their own custom Converses. Participants had the chance to win tickets to the Creative All Star Series event, which was also broadcast live on the platform to a global audience. Entries included doodles, hydro dipping and even some Blu Tack.


#ad thank you #ConverseAllStar for letting me get creative with your newest kicks! Get creative with YOUR shoes! 👟

♬ Converse Runstar - Zedig Sound Ltd.


Unsurprisingly, this social media champion was quick to join the app and now boasts a hefty following and strong engagement figures.
Pretty Little Thing’s existing community and network of influencers allowed them to reach out, trusting on-brand creators to tell its story – that’s very little creative effort, with huge rewards. They also host regular competitions keeping existing followers interested while using tagging to expand their reach.


Where would you like our #PLTIceQueenVan to visit next?! 👀🍦 Comment below 👇✨#icecreamvan #plt

♬ Yummy Remix by Tesher - Tesher

23M impressions

Making an unexpected appearance on the platform, the high-end luxury brand used TikTok’s top view as their advertising tactic of choice. It’s basically a brand takeover, appearing full screen when users open the app. It’s the sleek and glossy choice which makes sense given Balenciaga’s position, it’s also ideal for driving traffic and raising awareness of launch campaigns. And results proved it, the shoppable campaign boasts a 18% click through rate in both France and Italy.


From an international luxury fashion powerhouse to an industrial open-air museum in Dudley. Who would have thought the home of two mine shafts, a lime kiln and a collection of post war trolley buses would take TikTok by storm?
Black Country Living Museum is proof that you don’t need a big budget or to be well known to make your mark. They took advantage of existing trends and hashtags, quickly gaining traction. Users came for the trends and stayed for the content, which is actually very educational – bonus.

TikTok is much more than a lip-syncing app. It’s an alternative to the usual congested social media platforms, filled with personality, humour, storytelling and a catchy soundtrack or two. And most importantly, there’s plenty of space for a brand to infiltrate.

That’s one bandwagon you should think about hopping on.

Want some help tackling TikTok? We’re not great at the viral dances, but we know all about getting brands noticed. Get in touch.

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