Our newly-promoted Account Manager, Steph, gives us a behind-the-scenes of her role at maclean. 

Rise and shine
How do you get ready for the workday?

I like to try and get up and go for a quick morning walk around the Modern Galleries or Dean village, listening to Greg James on R1 or a podcast (‘Table Manners’, vintage episodes of ‘The High Low’ (RIP  ), and, ‘My therapist ghosted me’ are my favourites at the moment). Back to my flat and it’s a low maintenance / as-quick-as-possible morning routine, and a black coffee before settling into work.

Action plans
What does your average to-do list look like?

My written to-do list is key to keeping me sane day-to-day. Some days are filled with client meetings, or creative team briefings to go through new work, other days, financial tasks and planning are the main priorities. Workloads change day to day and throughout the week, so it’s important to try and remain reactive and on top of WIP, so keeping those updated is a daily task too.

Express yourself
What’s your most-used emoji?

🥂 < this can be applied to ‘job well done’ or celebrating the team in general, ‘Happy Friday’ or ‘I need a drink’. A versatile emoji

Top picks
Seen an advert you loved recently?

Heineken’s new 0.0 global campaign is a fun way of tapping into Dry January this year. Its latest TV ad, which is also being rolled out across social and merchandise, aims to demonstrate that no-alcohol Heineken 0.0 gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy social drinking moments together, with or without alcohol. The campaign, “Cheers with no alcohol. Now you can”, shows sociable drinking moments through history, from the Viking era and New York’s roaring 1920s, to backstage at a rock gig and even a business meeting. Each situation shows a person not drinking alcohol being excluded from the “cheers” moment, before a modern-day scene introduces Heineken 0.0 as an alternative during social occasions, showing everyone can indeed celebrate any “cheers” moments.

Highlight reel
What is your favourite project that you have worked on so far at maclean?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with quite a wide range of clients, and types of projects including print, digital and social at maclean. I always enjoy working on the larger campaigns for ICAS like Become a CA and the London Episodes. It’s rewarding seeing a campaign come to life and become something that a lot of people actually interact with and start to associate a brand with. Recently, I’ve also started working on some events-based projects, which are challenging, but seeing another area of the industry is fantastic.

Tip-top adivce
Any tips for someone who wants to work in accounts?

Firstly, I would say hone your organisation skills. Whether it’s getting into the habit of making tick-off lists, recording meeting minutes, using a digital calendar to keep on top of things, or becoming a spreadsheet whiz. This is so key to the job, and makes what is a busy, and sometimes stressful job, 10 times easier and smoother sailing for the whole team – and of course is fundamental to delivering the best work for clients. 

Highlight reel
Do you listen to anything while you work? Any recommendations? 

I definitely have an eclectic work playlist, switching between Radio 1 and Classical FM throughout the day. I prefer the radio during the daytime as opposed to my Spotify playlist, as with not being in the office with colleagues, it’s nice to listen to some kind of chat (as sad as that sounds…). If I need a power hour of music, I usually go to a Balearic house playlist.

New Spaces
What are you most look forward to when we get back to our new office?

Being back with the maclean team, of course! Workwise, we adapted really well to home working, but it’s not the same as being altogether, hearing everyone’s chat and all about the different projects that are going on, not to mention in-person fizz Fridays! I’m also looking forward to a bigger, better office where there’s lots of different kinds of spaces to work and brainstorm.

Happy camper
Favourite thing about your job?

Every day is different! I truly learn something new each day from my colleagues, and from my clients about the industry, their industries, and the wider creative process. I haven’t worked at any other agency, but I feel very lucky to be able to work across a range of different industries.

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